About us

From Germany, Crown & Tiger® designs high quality cigar cases and accessories crafted with care and precision, taking pride in blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to create exceptional products.
While the design and craftsmanship play a key role, the quality of materials handpicked to create the product range makes Crown & Tiger truly stand out. All leather is high quality LWG gold-certified, thus ensuring that the brand products are not only upscale, but also sustainable. When you choose Crown & Tiger, you’re choosing flawless leather creations, first-class materials and genuine craftsmanship.
With its extensive product range, Crown & Tiger plays tribute to the art of smoking in conviviality, wherever we are, translating classic cases into travel-friendly editions.
Your cigars and accessories can easily become treasured travel companions. Cigar accessories like full-leather astray, ceramic stands or foldable knifes complement the offer.
Let’s dive into the universe of Aficionados & Gentlemen imagined by Crown & Tiger.